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                     We specialize in:

              Gourmet Filled Cupcakes

             Beautiful Cupcake Bouquets

             Mini Liquor Bottle Cupcakes

Not only does Sweet Celebration Cupcakes & Specialty Cakes offer fabulous gourmet filled cupcakes, but we also offer stunningly beautiful and delicious "Cupcake Bouquets".
These "Cupcake Bouquets" make a gorgeous gift and display.
What's better then receiving what looks like a stunning floral arrangement, but it's made out of "cupcakes"......that you eat!!!!!

You can go on my "photo" page to see pictures of my beautiful
"Pink Rose Cupcake Bouquets".

We also offer the newest craze in cupcakes which is,
"The Mini Liquor Bottle Cupcakes".

This is sure to "WOW" your guest!!!

Imagine you and your quests walking into the room and seeing this big amazing "cupcake display with mini liquor bottles" in each cupcake....they will go absolutely crazy for it and will be talking about it for is just the coolest thing!!!!

Go to my "photos" page to see pictures of my
Mini Liquor Bottle Cupcakes".

Please call for pricing on Cupcake Bouquets and
Mini Liquor Bottle Cupcakes.

I just know your mouth will be watering reading about all the different gourmet filled cupcakes we offer, so I hope you enjoy!!!
Please keep in mind that we can customize our cupcakes to suit your taste, so if you want to mix and match a special flavor combination in our menu just let us know and we will be happy to accommodate you as best we can.
We can also make whatever color frosting you desire for any of our cupcakes.

The "Displays" for the cupcakes are an additional charge and can be decorated in the colors of your choice to match your theme and venue.
Please call to inquire for "Cupcake Display" pricing.

We also offer delicious"cupcakes" without the filling so we can fit every budget.

Gourmet Filled Cupcake Menu
The Classic Cupcake
Your choice of either vanilla or chocolate cake
w/ choice of vanilla or chocolate custard filling
w/ choice of vanilla (any color) or chocolate buttercream frosting
topped with rainbow sprinkles
Banana Cream Cupcake 
Banana cake w/ banana custard filling
w/ vanilla buttercream frosting topped w/ fresh banana slice

Turquoise Velvet Cupcake
Turquoise colored cake w/ almond flavored custard filling
w/ cream cheese frosting
topped with turquoise color candy & diamond sparkle sugar
Death By Chocolate Cupcake
Chocolate cake w/ chocolate custard filling 
w/ chocolate frosting topped w/ chocolate pieces.
(can be made with milk or dark chocolate)
Lemon Coconut Cupcake
Lemon cake w/ lemon custard filling w/ cream cheese frosting
topped w/ sweet shredded coconut
Elegant White Wedding Cupcake
White cake w/ white chocolate custard filling w/ white buttercream frosting
topped w/ edible white pearls and diamond sparkle sugar
Black Tie Optional Cupcake
Black cake (dark chocolate flavor) w/dark chocolate custard filling
w/ black colored (dark chocolate flavored) frosting
topped w/ a piece of white chocolate & diamond sparkly sugar

 Pink-A-Licious Cupcake
 Pink cake w/ strawberry cream filling
w/ light pink colored cream cheese frosting topped
w/ pink candy & pink sparkle sugar

Very Lemon Cupcakes
Lemon cake w/ lemon custard filling w/ cream cheese frosting
topped w/ yellow sparkle sugar & lemon sugar candy
Red Velvet Glam Cupcake
Red Velvet cake w/ vanilla custard filling
w/ cream cheese frosting topped w/ red sparkle sugar
Cookies 'n' Cream Cupcake
Chocolate fudge cake w/ vanilla buttercream cream filling
w/ cookies n cream frosting
topped w/ a chocolate sandwich cookie
 More S'mores Cupcakes
Chocolate cake w/ chocolate cream filling
w/ marshmallow buttercream frosting topped
w/ graham cracker pieces & chocolate chunk
Chocolate Sundae Cupcake
Chocolate fudge cake w/ chocolate fudge filling
w/ vanilla buttercream frosting drizzled w/ chocolate sauce
topped w/ rainbow sprinkles and a cherry on top.
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cupcake
Chocolate cake w/ peanut butter filling
w/ chocolate buttercream frosting
topped w/ peanut butter cup

Additional charges apply for all
"set up, and delivery".
Please call for pricing.
We give "Special Pricing" on all large quantities of " filled cupcakes" for parties and events.....Please call to inquire pricing!!!


We also offer Regular size "Cupcake in a Box"
 (great idea as Favors for your guests.... you can see pictures on photo page)
 Additional  Charges apply for fondant designs on all cupcakes.....please inquire within.

        (845) 826-5291
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